Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

Energy Star Most Efficient furnaces of 2014


The Lennox SLP98V is a gas variable-capacity system by Lennox. It can get up to 98.2 percent efficiency rating that will put direct impact on your energy bill saving $800 each year compared to other units. It comes assembled with a self-calibrating variable speed inducer and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. Besides that it has dual-fuel power, which means it can be paired with a heat pump to get maximum comfort and efficiency. Its variable-speed motor and modest sound absorbing materials offers excellent quiet performance. Lennox Furnaces has been identified as one of the highest Efficient Energy Star heating system for 2014, meaning it is highly efficient besides that it prevents greenhouse gas emissions. Once paired with an iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, the SLP98V offers enhance scheduling with remote access via laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Prominent Aspects

Efficiency rating with 98.2% AFUE helps saving over $800 dollars each year*, compared to other furnaces.

ENERGY STAR® qualified this furnace fulfills guidelines for energy efficiency.

Self-calibrating variable speed inducer- it helps adjusting to match the system needs, making sure cleaner combustion and efficient operation.

Stainless Steel secondary heat exchanger- comes with a robust, time-tested design that captures waste heat, and let the furnace to achieve industry-leading efficiency levels.

Dual-fuel capability-it can be paired with an electric heat pump to advance comfort and fuel efficiency by converting between electric and gas heat, boost energy use decreasing heating costs.

iComfort®-enabled technology-let the system, when equipped with the easy-to-use programmable iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat, to exchange information and make adjustments as needed to enhance performance and efficiency.

Proper Comfort™ technology helps to adjust fan speed, heat and airflow volume in accretions as small as 1% for the ultimate in temperature control.

Variable-capacity operation functions more like the cruise control system of extreme -performance automobiles, instinctively making changes as required to allow maximum fuel efficiency.

Variable-speed motor offers a silent operation and regular flow of air for desired balance of temperature and humidity in your home.

SilentComfort™ technology joins modern engineering with sound-absorbing materials to give the ultimate in quiet performance

Trusted Performance

Duralok Plus™ heat exchanger —made of patented ArmorTuf™ steel to make sure enhanced reliability and efficiency.

SureLight® igniter —silicone nitride construction, it makes sure long product life and trusted operation.

SureLight control board (icomfort™ compatiable) —it does controls all the functions of system making sure high reliability and efficiency. Direct-readout diagnostics for simple, quick troubleshooting.


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